The Mission

Rooted in the belief that food is medicine, CHEF® (Culinary Health Education for Families) is a Culinary Health Education Program that teaches children and families basic nutrition and practical cooking skills, with the long-term goal of motivating individuals and communities to adopt and sustain healthier eating habits.

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CHEF® (Culinary Health Education for Families)

Quick Facts

  • In the fall of 2022, CHEF® (Culinary Health Education for Families) will reach more than 18,000 K-5 students and their families. As well as 150 teachers in 60 San Antonio ISD schools.
  • Through this grant, over 300 training hours are offered to San Antonio ISD teachers and staff, ensuring CHEF® (Culinary Health Education for Families) program is taught with quality and consistency.
  • All food and ingredients necessary to teach nutrition classes within schools will be provided, using an evidence-based nutrition curriculum.
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The Project

One in three children in Bexar County are classified as overweight or obese. CHEF® (Culinary Health Education for Families) aims to change that. The 2022 Collaborative Innovations for Community Health funding will support CHEF® (Culinary Health Education for Families) in training and supporting San Antonio ISD physical education teachers to conduct the CHEF® (Culinary Health Education for Families) curriculum for six weeks in 60 elementary schools during the fall semester, and 11 middle schools in the spring semester. The funding will ensure that every K-8th grade student will participate in the award-winning nutrition and culinary program, ultimately encouraging children to make healthier choices and influence the voices of authority in children’s lives to do the same.

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“Thanks to the incredible support from It’s Time Texas and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, our award-winning CHEF program will reach every K-8th grade student in the San Antonio ISD in the Fall of 2022. Designed to drive healthy eating and impact the rates of diet-related disease in San Antonio, CHEF teaches nutrition education and practical cooking skills to children and families.”

– Suzanne Feldmann, Founder and President/CEO of CHEF® (Culinary Health Education for Families)
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