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The Mission

The mission of St. Vincent’s House is to provide essential services and resources to empower families and individuals to become self-sustaining and contributing members of the community.

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St. Vincent’s House

Quick Facts

  • The Collaborative Innovations for Community Health project is about removing individual’s immediate and short-term barriers to health and stability.
  • St. Vincent’s House Integrated Care Collaborative is committed to improving community health and well-being through wraparound services addressing the social determinants of health and well-being.
  • The St. Vincent’s House food bank is often an introductory place for clients to learn more about St. Vincent’s House other, full-service support.
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The Project

St. Vincent’s House offers everything, from homebound deliveries to cardio care and financial literacy classes to PT—it’s truly a place of hope, where people can come for short-term solutions and work with resource navigators and case managers for long-term solutions. Through the Collaborative Innovations for Community Health funding, St. Vincent’s House is better able to supplement and support their food pantry services. While there are plenty of restaurants and fast-food chains, the island only has three grocery stores and acts as a food desert for those who don’t have transportation readily available. Currently, St. Vincent’s House food pantry is only able to hold non-perishables and canned foods, as it does not have refrigeration for fresh produce. The long-term goal is to continue to grow in their partnerships for more fresh food offerings as well as move into a new space with refrigeration.


“To develop support for those who are not SNAP-eligible, we are partnering with another Collaborative Innovations for Community Health grantee, Galveston’s Own Farmers Market. Through this, we hope to support those who are not SNAP-eligible in getting fresh foods and produce at the farmers market through a voucher system. It’s pretty great that we have the opportunity to strengthen our relationships with them through this grant.”

– Bethanie Miller, Programs & Operations Director
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